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RWA San Francisco–the countdown begins!

Sunday, July 13th, 2008

The national RWA conference at San Francisco is this month! I’ll be leaving on July 29 and returning Aug. 3. I’ve already made plane and hotel reservations, but this is the time when I always start getting excited about planning what I’m taking. For someone who lives in shorts and jeans when I’m not in E. R. scrubs, this is a dress-up affair and I love trying to plan out what to wear what day. The new practice by airlines, led by the very airline I’m flying on, of charging per suitcase is putting a serious crimp in my style! :( After all, I need LOTS of different pairs of shoes for this. The accent is on comfort–no 3″ killer heels for this woman! Of course, I always forget something essential to life–one time I forget my entire makeup supply and had to hike in downtown Chicago in 100+ weather to buy more. Having been to RWA when it was in San Francisco before, I do remember how cool it was, at least, and am bringing plenty of sweaters & blazers.

Four of us from the E.R. went down to the outlet mall in Jeffersonville Ohio for a girls Shop Till You Drop day. My particular¬† goal was to buy some great tops for the conference.It was great fun! (Waving at Colleen, Sam, and Shawn.) Thanks for your GREAT suggestions, girls–I got some great top selection help. Can’t wait to do it again!

Next thing I’ve got to do is “plot out my dance card”–put down on a calendar page when I’m having lunch/breakfast/dinner with whom, and which are can’t miss workshops. I also need to get my hair cut and highlighted. I’m using a new stylist this time so I’m nervous…

Of course, all this preparation does eat into my writing time. I have to be firm with myself with keeping up page production in this pre-conference period.

I’d love to hear from the rest of you how you prepare for conference. Any tips?

Blessings, Laurie