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Report from ACFW–First day

Friday, September 19th, 2008

Today was the official start of the ACFW conference, though many of us arrived yesterday. This morning I attended the EarlyBird workshop for published authors done by Allen Arnold, senior editor at Thomas Nelson. Boy, I love hearing that man talk. I heard one of his workshops last year, and he just breaks it all down and makes it all so understandable. Any author would be fortunate indeed to be working with him–and I sense it would be a partnership in the truest sense of the word.

Had lunch with several of the folks from ACFW-Ohio. Wow, what a long way we’ve come in a year. Just last year at the conference, I was wondering why Ohio wasn’t represented with a chapter and now we have one, thanks to the willingness and hard work of our president Sharon Lavy, and several others. And it’s a wonderful group of people! It’s really nice to have “faces from home” to meet up with here–there was none of that last year.

After a nice long break in the afternoon, we had an agent panel, a delicious dinner, an editor panel (I always learn a lot from those panels!) and a worship service, then the late night chats. I went to hear Allen Arnold once again, since he hinted that he had other important things to say in the morning sessilon, clever man.  And now I am officially POOPED, and no closer to catching up on my email than before.

Blessings, Laurie, who did not let it ruin her day when the roomservice breakfast brought to her was oatmeal rather than the eggs she ordered :) But my Tom makes it better!