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Report from RWA–day 1

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Today was the Faith,Hope & Love miniconference. It was good, but I gather they’re not gonna do it, at least as a “full” day because of cost next year. I’m disappointed! Some of the girls went sightseeing from there but I knew I’d be too pooped to participate tonight if I did it. Probably shoulda, though. The path to the FHL meeting took us diagonally across Union Square.

It was certainly an ordeal getting here after I wrote yesterday. The leg from Cols. to Dallas went fine, but I was THREE HOURS LATER getting out of Dallas than scheduled. Airline travel is no fun anymore. The plane out of Dallas was an airbus, so we were really crammed in like sardines. So by the time I got to SF, after lugging my overpacked-as-usual luggage, I was EXHAUSTED. It was almost dark and all I got to see was the fog rolling in and the lit-up Bay Bridge. My room is nice but it looks out on…the center interior courtyard, i.e., down on the restaurant. There’s lots of shopping around here, but I sure don’t need anything. And they’re right, it’s COLD. Jacket weather, but sunny and bright this afternoon.

Tonight was the Literacy Signing AKA the Wall o’Noise. It would have been nice to have a book to sign, but also nice being free to just stroll around and chat–except that I wore the wrong strolling-around shoes, some cute but torturous sandal-heels. By the time I changed shoes, found books I wanted, the purchase line was too long, and I know that while RWA makes a lot for literacy this way, the authors get no royalties, so I’ll buy these books elsewhere. I ate dinner with some FHL folks afterward, including two charming Aussies, Narelle and Enisa. It was great meeting them.  

Tomorrow, lunch with my former writing stablemates at Harlequin Historicals, the Hussies. Once a Hussy, always a Hussie….I’ll enjoy seeing old friends–just wish they didn’t want to meet so early–7 a.m.!Then lunch with my agent, the wonderful Elaine English! Until then–

Blessings, Laurie