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ACFW Bound & The Big Wind

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

Once again I’m blogging in the airport, getting ready to start the first leg of my journey to Minneapolis and the American Christian Fiction Writers conference. Currently, I’m sitting on the floor plugged into the nearest outlet while a businessman hogs the only table nearby with his stuff spread out over a space that would easily hold two if only he’d move his stuff and invite me to share what is, after all, public space. Maybe if I was more aggressive I would just ask him if he minded if I use the other spot in a tone that assumes the answer can only be “no, of course not, help yourself,” but I’m old fashioned (and polite) enough to want to be asked first. Hopefully he’ll get on the plane that leaves soon, and I can have the chair before my seat gets totally numb on the floor. Chivalry seems to be totally dead when it comes to flying businessmen. Pffftt!!!!

It’s nice to have electricity again! Sunday the central Ohio area caught the tail end of Ike. The weirdest thing was that it was just winds–75 mph winds, hurricane force, BUT NO RAIN. Trees and big limbs are down everywhere. 60% of the area was without power, and we were among them for nearly 36 hours. We were blessed–there was no damage to the house, other than a few blown-off shingles, and hopefully that will enable my handy husband to put on the new roof we needed anyway with the help of some insurance $. We were also fortunate to have a generator so we lost no food. I was never so glad to throw a switch and have a light come on! I was having email withdrawal :) , and visualizing arriving on the plane with my hair undone and makeup askew from lack of proper light. I had 202 emails waiting for me! I hope to report from ACFW Minneapolis as I did from San Francisco RWA.

Until later, Blessings–Laurie