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Proposal en route to NYC and a break before writing

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

I finished the proposal (first three chapters and a synopsis) for SOMEONE FOR SARAH yesterday and sent it off to New York City, and it is now en route to New York. Keep prayers said and fingers crossed that my editor likes it. Sarah is a really different girl than her sister Milly, heroine of MARRYING MILLY, and I can’t wait to get her together with Dr. Nolan Walker and see them clash, then fall in love. I’ve never done a hero from Maine before–a Mainer? Maniac? Hope I can channel that “downeast” accent and translate it to print.

All too soon, I’m sure the revision letter for MARRYING MILLY will arrive in my email box. :/ In the meantime, though, I’m enjoying taking the afternoons just to read my RWA Rita contest entries. I finished a really good historical today, and have started on a humorous contemporary just to “cleanse the palate,”literarily speaking. I’ve also been working some on my tax prep–never my most favorite yearly chore. I’d rather go to Texas than do taxes! <g>

It’s been in the 50′s this week, and we’re enjoying the change after zero windchills. But not right now–at the moment there are hgh winds and heavy rain. A few minutes I took the dogs and went to an interior hallway, but it seems to have died down a little from that. I wish it would quit before I go out for Chinese food!

Blessings, Laurie